What is your legacy?
The one topic guaranteed to bore someone to death (no pun intended), or to leave a room, is life insurance. Why? We don’t want or like to think about it. It is very important and we do need to think and talk about it.

Why should you buy life insurance and not wait until it’s too late?
To Protect Your Family
If you weren’t here tomorrow, would your family be able to survive without making drastic changes to their lifestyle? Would your children be forced out of college? Simple, need it, get it.

Our Health is Deteriorating Every Day
Do you know anyone who is getting healthier everyday? People are getting older and this is an undeniable and unstoppable fact. Our health is deteriorating every minute. The older you are and if you have health problems, it can be more expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain.

Funding a business operation
An employer takes out an insurance policy insuring against loss of profits arising from the death, sickness or injury of a key employee. The beneficiary is the employer. The life insurance policy bought is known as key-person insurance. The insurance payout will be used as emergency fund for business operations and loss of profits to keep the business running while trying to replace a invaluable employee.

Funding Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Business
Every business needs a buy-sell agreement the moment the business is formed or as soon after that as possible. Every day that value is added to the business without a plan for future transition, it increases its financial risk. What happen if one of the partners decided or was forced to exit the business? Life insurance can be used to purchase the deceased’s shares in the event of death.

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