I NEVER THOUGHT IT..... Could Happen to ME!!!!

Your home or business is 26 more times likely to experience a flood than a fire if you are in a high risk zone. Flood insurance is affordable. Flood damage is not. Floods can strike anywhere and anytime. And a flood does not stay in one place. It rages and sweeps along everything in its path. So even if you are not near water, it can reach you and by the time it does, you can lose everything you've spent a lifetime building. We can get a flood hazard determination for your property "FREE" in a matter of minutes with one phone call. New development in the community changes flood plains and water run off, but flood zone and maps may not be updated for years. Your "Low Hazard" area could be destined for floods! Do your streets fill up when it rains? Little known facts about flood insurance and federal disasters: The Federal Emergency Management Agency: Only 3% of Flood disasters qualify for Federal Assistance! The average federal grant is $3,300. To be paid used for basic needs only, such as food and clothing. FEMA loan assistance is available on only declared disasters and must be repaid on top of your existing mortgage loan. The National Flood Insurance Program: Sets all rules and oversees the entire Flood Program Provides coverage to all its insured's including renters, homeowners, and business owners. Offers various Flood coverage, depending on your property locations within the Flood zone. If you are a homeowner in a "low" hazard area, premiums start under $200 a year! Please note, if you do not purchase the insurance in conjunction with closing on your home or building, there is a 30 day waiting period before your coverage starts. So, don't wait for a hurricane to try and get coverage!!


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