They're not just for rain!

A day in court can cost you a lifetime's work.

Your employee loses control of his vehicle while you are calling him on his cell phone, leaves the road and hits a pedestrian. The pedestrian is lost use of his lower body.

A resident of your community trips down the step, lands on a drain pipe in the bushes and has nerve damage to her hand. She is a surgeon and can no longer perform operate. Your maintenance person shuts the water off to the community and leaves to get parts to fix the pump. Meanwhile, there is a fire and no water, by the time the pump trucks arrive; two residents have lost their lives in the fire.

But a Commercial Umbrella policy can protect your company's assets! The word lawsuit scares most of us. And it should. We assume our business or commercial auto insurance will protect us from a liability lawsuit. Then, when tragedy comes, we learn too late there isn't enough coverage.

Your entire business can be taken away with the strike of a judge's gavel. Fortunately, you can protect your assets from such a tragedy. A Commercial Umbrella policy will increase your liability protection $1, 2, 3 million or more over and above the limits set by your existing basic insurance. Umbrella protection begins where your underlying coverage ends.

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