About Us
Our family insurance agency was started in 1974 and continues under the second generation. Our owners and agents are proud of having over 125 years combined experience in the insurance industry.
Quality education for the employees is a priority. Lori and Cathy choose to spend the time and money to send our agents and account managers to courses in a classroom setting. Webinars are ok in a pinch; nothing replaces one to one conversation and learning. It’s not about the degree; it’s the knowledge that’s important. Cathy, Lori, Kris, and Cindy have CIC, Certified Insurance Counselor, Designations and two of our account managers all have earned Certified Customer Service Rep designations. All of these designations require advanced training with testing to achieve them. The CIC designations require 18 hours of class training each year to keep the designation current.
The agency was built on referrals, superior customer service, and educating the client. That part of the business model remains constant. Earn the business one client at a time.

Lori is currently the president of PIA (Professional Insurance Agents of Florida). We are committed to being active in the insurance industry. She has lobbied in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. for consumers and insurance agents for many years.

Past and current affiliations and awards for the agency include: Producer Committee Chair for FRPCJUA, Omega Insurance Company Producer Advisory Board, Progressive Insurance Agent Advisory Board, Tower Hill Emerald Circle, Agent’s Advisory Board for Liberty American Insurance, P&C Liaison for FAIFA, FAIA, Project Invest Instructor, Central Florida Real Estate Investors, Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Executive Women International, BNI Vice-President, Central Florida Real Estate Investors, Medallion Agency for Zurich Insurance Company, Leadership Award PIA of Florida.
This is our story ...
The agency was started in 1974 by Joann Meyers as Ronlee Insurance Center, Inc. As a single mother, she felt insurance was a field she could excel in and provide for her girls. There were two women in her class of 40 studying for their insurance agent’s license. She wouldn’t put her name on the agency for a long time because she thought no one would buy insurance from an agency owned by a woman. Her daughters, Lori and Cathy, started working in the agency during their high school years (late 1970s, early 1980s). They now own the agency and have been managing it for over 10 years. Sadly, Joann passed away in 2008.
In the beginning, Joann only wrote manufactured home insurance policies. She also wrote the very first auto policy for Foremost Insurance Company in 1981 and started expanding and adding companies and lines of business from there. It was a challenge moving from the “mobile home” agency to where we are today. We have grown into an agency writing all lines of insurance with the finest companies in the State of Florida.
We started the name change from Ronlee Insurance in 1991 to J Meyers-Ronlee Insurance and finally J Meyers Insurance Group in 1995. We adopted the Palm Tree logo in 2000 representing stability, shelter, growth and resiliency.
Stability: We have been serving the people of Florida since 1974 and represent quality companies with competitive products for our clients.

Shelter: Our agents help protect our clients from disasters and provide money for defense of lawsuits.

Growth: Education for our employees and clients, increasing our size to be able to offer quality products.

Resiliency: Able to weather hurricanes as well as the economic and legislative environment in Florida.
We serve our clients with integrity and good honest service. Our mission is to leave everyone we talk to with more knowledge so they can move forward, with or without us, by being a better informed consumer.