They're not just for rain!

A day in court can cost you a lifetime's work.

Judgment $1,325,000 In Maryland
An insured's son lost control of his vehicle, left the road and rolled down a hill. Three passengers were in the vehicle. As a result of the accident, one is now a quadriplegic. The claim was settled for $1,325,000

Judgment $576,000
A 41-year-old periodontist suffered injuries to his face and fingers following a head-on automobile accident. A California jury assessed the defendant damages of $576,000.

Papers Served $10,000,000/Settled $50,000
Their sober 17 year old son calls home at 11:00 pm and says "I just hit somebody". The parents frantically drive to the accident scene and see a yellow tarp over a body in the road. It is a pedestrian with cocaine in their system that stepped in front of his vehicle. Police find no fault with the son (driver). The parents are served papers from the surviving family for $10,000,000 in damages. The $5,000,000 umbrella was in place and paid for all defense, investigation, and ultimately settled for $50,000.

A Personal Umbrella policy can protect your assets! The word lawsuit scares most of us. And it should. We assume our home or auto insurance will protect us from a liability lawsuit. Then, when tragedy comes, we learn too late there isn't enough coverage. Your entire estate can be taken away with the strike of a judge's gavel. Fortunately, you can protect your assets from such a tragedy. A Personal Umbrella policy will increase your personal liability protection $1, 2, or 3 million over and above the limits set by your existing basic insurance.

Our protection begins where your underlying coverage ends. It is the cushion that lets you rest easy. Your family deserves the best protection available. Personal Umbrella policies cover you while operating most vehicles, RV's, motorcycles, and most watercraft. Incidents involving any property covered by your basic homeowners policy. Incidents alleging slander, libel, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, even false arrest. Coverage does not extend to professional liability or aircraft liability.



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